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Recessionary Productivity Strategies: How to Get Lean and Mean in 2009

March 5th, 2009 · Comments

Times are tough. 


That means businesses everywhere are forced to do more with less.  Budgets are being cut.  Headcounts are being reduced.  In many offices across the country, the only thing that isn’t being reduced is the workload.


It all comes down to finding ways to do more with less – more work with fewer people, bigger projects on smaller budgets.


Just remember that, historically, great opportunities have been found in times of great challenge and hardship.  Now, as organizations and as individuals, we all have a (hopefully!) once in a lifetime opportunity to look a global financial crisis in the face and excel in spite of it.


So how do we survive and thrive in an economy that bites back?  It’s time to take the gloves off and get lean and mean in 2009.


(C) 2009 Laura Stack.


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Go on a Low-Information Diet and Increase Efficiency

January 26th, 2009 · Comments

Pretty much anybody you ask will tell you they’re pressed for time. There just aren’t enough hours to get it all done, yadda yadda yadda.  So we prioritize, streamline, and simplify.  You can improve your efficiency until you’re blue in the face, not to mention very tightly wound, but you still aren’t addressing one of the biggest time and energy wasters in your day: incoming information.  As my 12-year-old daughter, Meagan, would text on her phone: “TMI” (translation: Too Much Information).


If the 21st century has brought us anything, it is WAY too much information. You can watch several channels full of cable news 24 hours a day. You can surf the internet on any topic until you can’t see straight. Most people could heat their home with the amount of junk mail they receive on a continuous basis.  Imagine the time and productivity lost just sorting though it all!


So why not join me and put yourself on a low-information diet? Make this the year that you say “NO MORE!” to the endless onslaught of time-wasting, productivity-eating, stress-inducing STUFF coming at you.


Listen below for a few ideas to get you started.


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The Importance of Productivity During Down Times

January 21st, 2009 · Comments

To succeed and keep their doors open, companies must make more money but spend less money and create greater results with fewer resources. You could attempt to cut salaries, benefits, staff, costs, or the quality of your products—all poor options. A better choice? Increase employee productivity. If you have 10 people, and you can get them to improve their productivity by 10%, you just effectively added another staff person without increasing salary expense—a much more attractive response.  To do this, your employees need your help.


Tags: Timewasters · Personal Productivity · Productivity Improvement · Process Improvement · Leadership